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Get Fitted. Free Sleep Test Melbourne Consultation

Hi I'm Jim Skivalidas Family Chiropractor of 18 years. Discover how I was trained by bedding manufacturers and sleep consultants to become a Bedding Expert over the past 10 years. What is the difference between a bedding expert and bedding retailer?

"The dictionary defines the word 'expert'  as a "a person with a high level of knowledge or skill". As your bedding expert I am dedicated to helping you make the mattress buying experience a happy one and one that is as easy as possible. I help you through the process of assessing your posture and spine and finding the best technology support system for your sleep needs.


It's a fact that for every ten years of your life you'll spend 30,000 hours sleeping on your mattress. It's vital for your spine, good health and wellbeing that you have all the facts available to you to make an informed and correct decision that you'll benefit from in terms of having years of "peaceful nights and rested mornings" "

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It starts in 2005 with Beds For Backs.

I attended my first sleep, health and bedding workshop in 2005 at the Beds For Backs Melbourne store in South Melbourne. I met Mario, the owner of Beds For Back Melbourne store in South Melbourne and explained the importance of sleeping in a correct orthopaedic sleep posture. In the following year I was also introduced to Back to Sleep


I was introduced to the importance of pocket spring sleep systems to a quality healthy sleep experience.

10000+ hours researching bedding products with Forty Winks, (Captain) Snooze, Sleepys, Bed Shed, Regal Mattress Outlets in Melbourne, Bedtek and European Bedding in Perth,  as well as presentations with Independant Sealy Distributor across Shopping Malls and several retirement villages Melbourne 2007 - 2012

170+ "Healthy Sleep For A Better Life " Sleep Presentations for Wenatex from 2009 - 2012.

400+ Free Bed Consultations at Clarendon Chiropractic and then The Bedding Clinic using

Dr. Jims unique Kinesiology Bed Test with the Therapedic Bedding Products 2008 - 2012

Associate Member of the Australasian Sleep Association 2009 - 2012 (Current)

Fundraising for the Spinal Research Foundation 2012

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